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ZORB Rotorua

ZORB-ing is quite simply rolling down a hill inside an inflatable ball. Sound crazy?

"It was like being a bug in a giant washing machine. The only thing missing were the soapsuds." - Karen Shelford

ZORB Rotorua offers two ride types -the ZYDRO (wet) ride and the ZORBIT (dry) ride, on four track options; that's eight ride variations. There really is something for everyone!

ZORB Rotorua is open seven days a week (closed Christmas Day only), 9am to 5pm during winter, and 9am to 7pm during summer. A bus is available from Rotorua city centre. No bookings are necessary and plenty of parking is available.

Every customer gets a FREE photo (uploaded direct to their Facebook profile) and you can record your Zorbing experience with an in-ride video.

Check out this Zorb video and Zorb photos for a taste of what to expect at ZORB Rotorua.

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